TDL History

TDL Event Services was setup in 2007 and has grown steadily to support some of the largest sporting events in the UK and Ireland.

We have provided services for many European events as well as Events in the US and UAE. We now provide services for well over 300,000 participants per year.

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Meet The Team

Our team is built around a core of experienced and dedicated staff, in addition to those you see here at busy times and on an event weekend we can have as many as 20 additional staff who are trained regularly.

Tom Last Owner Founder and MD. Tom has over 13 years of experience in Event Services. Passionate rugby fan and referee, Tom loves skiing and photography. Email
Delwyn Humphreys Logistics Manager Delwyn has worked for TDL for many years and has a breadth of experience. Responsible for all staff and equipment logistics for your event. Delwyn loves his photography. Email
Jac Murphy Event Manager Jac has been with TDL since 2015, experienced Event Manager who will work with you to ensure a great event. Jac loves his football and has a young family. Email
Malcolm Hughes Logistics Assistant Malcolm's attention to detail is key in his role in logistics planning and delivery. He loves skiing, spending time in the gym and travel. Email
Margaret Thomas Fulfilment Manager With a wealth of experience Margaret's attention to detail ensures your bibs and race-packs are fulfilled accurately, correctly and on-time Email